Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cherie Ceberano

A Scientologist for more than 50 years, Cherie Ceberano is vibrant, indomitable and going strong.

Cherie Ceberano is the center of a virtual world of help.

A Scientologist since age 14, Cherie learned about Scientology when her parents became involved in the religion in 1959 and she and her sister Kay enrolled on a course at theChurch of Scientology of Melbourne.

“In a matter of days I absolutely knew I was home,” says Cherie. “I experienced a spiritual epiphany. It is hard to explain exactly what it meant to me, but I gained a certainty of myself that I have never lost.”

The matriarch of a tight-knit, successful family, Cherie relied on Scientology to ensure her children had the tools they needed to succeed in their own endeavors.

“From the time my children were small, the overriding principle we operated on was—if you have a situation, communicate about it—no matter what it is. That is the principle that always wins for us,” she says.

And Cherie certainly knows how to get a family winning. All four children and nine grandchildren are succeeding in life, her eldest son Bey produces and directs movies in Hong Kong, her second son Paul is a Karate Master, her third son Phil a successful guitarist and her daughter is Australian singing and songwriting legend Kate Ceberano.

When Kate was 15 and determined to perform in venues she wasn’t old enough to enter, Cherie drove her to her gigs—never a pushy stage mother but always encouraging. The family continues to provide a support network for Kate’s career. Kate’s stepfather Ben Balfour is her tour manager, Kate’s brother Phil is her band leader and creative partner, and Ruthie Ceberano, the wife of Kate’s brother Paul, is her personal assistant.>>

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

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