Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tom Cruise

It would be pretty arrogant to say that Tom Cruise was my friend.

But often when I meet someone knew and tell them I'm a member of the Church of Scientology they say "Oh -- do you know Tom Cruise?"

(I wish. )

But really I think the world of this man.

He is always helping people. Here are some great examples of things he's done for our Church -- from visiting ambassadors in countries where there is a serious lack of religious tolerance, to opening a detox center for the rescue workers from 9/11, to speaking up in defense of the rights of children and being a mentor himself:

Tom Cruise: Scientology Ambassador
Cruise Helps Open the New Church of Scientology in Madrid
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Tom Cruise Fan Site about his Movies and Scientology
New Zealand Scientologist compilation of NZ Press from when Cruise was filming Samurai
Cruise Donates Money to an Anti-Drug Group