Thursday, December 09, 2004

My Scientology Friends Live All Over the World

A few years ago when I was in Denmark I had a sudden realization - almost like a deja vu except not a deja vu at all - but the same quality of a sudden "Wow."

I've been in Copenhagen on business for a few weeks, and went to the Church (AOSH EU) and got to know some people there.

There's a terrific courtyard in the center of AOSHEU, where there is a cafe and plenty of tables and chairs, and its a place of lively discussions and friendly companionship at all hours of the day and evening.

In between meetings I would go there for a coffee, and I would invariably meet new people to network with.

It was on one of those afternoons, shortly after I'd left the AOSHEU courtyard, that it hit me. Here was people I never met before, but who were totally helpful, gracious and interested -- what would life be like if everyone were like this....
What a concept!

Having lived in several different towns since becoming a Scientologist I have friends all over.

Sometimes I'll be somewhere like Flag and I'll run into someone I knew what I was at the Church of Scientology of Buffalo, or the Scientology Celebrity Centre International, or Washington DC, Perth, Melbourne or Texas - and I'll remember the person, remember liking him or her, but will not be able to place where we've met. I guess that happens to people all the time, but especially when you're in LA or at Flag it is so often that you do run into people who are visiting from their home towns but whom you haven't seen for 10 - 20 years or even longer.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Study Tech and Applied Scholastics

Many of my friends tutor their own kids, using L. Ron Hubbard Study Tech. It's wonderful, as a parent, to have the tools to be able to help your child.

There are some great new sites that give a lot of information about Applied Scholastics, Study Tech (Study Technology) and how these can be used by parents, teachers, tutors and mentors and the community.

When you start to learn Study Tech you come to realize that so much of what psychs have labeled as disorders in kids come simply from an inability to study.

I highly recommend any parent, and anyone who loves children, to find out what you can do to help kids with Study Tech.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Well some of my Scientology friends have their own blogs and there are a few I haven't mentioned before:

Mike B has this one: Church of Scientology on Blogdrive he also has a cute new one AOSHEU

Lindy has this one: nodrugs on blogdrive

Jeanne just has her own name jbasoon

and of course there,s the Dianetics Blogspot and Scientologist Blogspot (Oops -- they're mine!)

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Tom Cruise Attending Grand Opening of Church of Scientology of Spain

I just heard that Tom Cruise is going to attend the grand opening of the Church of Scientology of Madrid on the 18th of September.

There's more information at the web site of the church.

Wouldn't I LOVE to go to that grand opening!

For my Spanish friends: Tom Cruise va a estar en la apertura de la nueva Sede de la Iglesia de Cienciología en España en Madrid que será el próximo 18 de septiembre de 2004 a las 4:30 de la tarde.

Recursos de Web Sites de Cienciología

Asociación Civil de Dianética de Madrid - Global Locator for Scientology Organizations
Directorio > Sociedad > Religión y espiritualidad > Prácticas y creencias > Cienciologúa

Monday, September 06, 2004

Some of my friends have their own blogs and among my favorite ones are:

The David Miscavige blog (lots of information about Mr. Miscavige - one of my favorite people. I go to every Scientology event as Mr. Miscavige often emcee's them and briefs all Scientologists about the news of the expansion of our religion.
Pflanzenblog This is the blog of a Swiss friend. I can't read German but she often posts in English too, and I like to keep up with what she posts because I often find sites and news I hadn't seen before.
Besser Leben This is another blog from my same Swiss friend.
Welcome to My World and ( her first posting) Now Jeannie is a very close friend of mine and I like the way she presents her blog. I often find she'll give a new perspective on something and I agree with much of what she says.

Nej Till Droger (No Drugs)I'm not sure what Scandinavian language this is. I think it's Swedish. I'm all for anyone who is against drugs, and has solutions to help people stay off and get off.
Beautiful England I spent some time in England and took some Scientology courses there so I enjoy visiting this blog. This coming October - only a month away - the 24th anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists will be held in England and will be emcee'ed by David Miscavige. This may be my favorite of all the yearly Scientology events.

And here are some more I don't visit quite as often, but I try to make my way to them whenever I can:
Scientology and my Children
Gopod News blog
Alpen Fun
New Mexico Girl
Home School Mum
Heros of our Time
The Dianetics Blog

My Clearwater Blog is by a friend I've known for quite some time (here's a secret about Grace - she doesn't actually live in Clearwater any more.) I especially like a recent post of hers about David Miscavige.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

I have Scientology friends all around the world. Being an international organization there are lots of opportunities to meet new friend and find out about other parts of the world.

For example, we have a large Spanish speaking community and so a number of Church of Scientology International web sites are also done in Spanish. I thought I'd show you some:

Italian Scientology Links

Offical Scientology Website for Mexico

An Index for Spanish speaking countries.

Some downloadable versions of a new magazine:

Effective Drug Solutions - Spanish

Effective Education - Russian

Helping the Community - Russian

and a Hungarian site on Scientology Theology

Another site with all of the Scientology organizations in Russian, including the Church of Scientology Madrid, Spain.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

My Friends at AOSH EU (AOSHEU)

I spent a summer in Denmark a few years ago at the AOSH EU (the Church of Scientology Advanced Organization and Saint Hill in Europe).

I began many close friendships that I still have today.

One thing that is very special about being a Scientologist is that no matter where you travel on Earth you find wonderful people at Scientology churches who welcome you, are delighted to meet you and help you.

I was never struck by this more than at AOSHEU. There were people from all over Europe. Many of them didn't speak English, and languages aren't my strong point, so it was comical sometimes trying to communicate with one another. But it is amazing how drawings and sign language and the intention to get across the gulf of different languages works.

Interesting Links about AOSH EU

Scientology Advanced Organizations Around the World
AOSH EU - Advanced Organization & Saint Hill Europe
AOSH EU - Продвинутая Организация и Сент-Хилл Европы
То, что Вы делаете, достойно самого глубокого уважения, AOSH EU - Продвинутая Организация и Сент-Хилл Европы
Fortgeschrittenen Organisation für Europa - AOSH EU
Advanced Organization & Saint Hill Europe - AOSH EU
Organizzazione Avanzata per l'Europa - AOSH EU

More information about Scientology

Scientology Clergy Corner
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises
Is Scientology a Relgion
About Scientology
Scientology Handbook
Scientology on Relgious Tolerance
Scientology and Dianetics in Italy
FAQ on Scientology on the Internet
US Navy Chaplain - Scientology

Monday, August 23, 2004

Many of my friends are Scientology Volunteer Ministers, as I myself am.

I have always been very interested in helping my friends and family, but I wasn't always able to do so. In fact, before I took Scientology courses and learned the techniques covered in the Scientology Handbook, which form the basic skills of a Scientology Volunteer Minister my "help" was usually sympathy or compassion for someone who was suffering I really could do nothing about.

But it is so different now.

The other major component of the Scientology Volunteer Minister's program is disaster relief.

And yet another factor is that people of all faiths can learn these skills and be part of the group. For example, Scientologists have been training paramedics in the Johannesburg South Africe Policy Department on these skills to give them the tools they need to work one-on-one with their communities.

Another thing about this program is that youth are welcome to participate.

Here are a few Scientology kids who are active Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Many of my friends are members on the Scientology Honor Roll.

As members of International Association of Scientologiststhey are striving to help achieve the Aims of Scientology, this means actively helping to get people off drugs through Scientology community programs and this is covered here in another friend of mine's blog Church programs.

I have many personal friends who are doing selfless work to help the community and raise awareness about the horrors of drugs on people's lives.

There is another honor roll that is important and that is the one signed by thousands of people the world over to promote a drug-free life.

I'm glad to have these people as my friends!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Many of my friends and I have had the pleasure of sailing on the motor vessel "Freewinds." We attended a conference on board; the ship hosts many conventions, concerts and the like.

For some more information about the Freewinds you can check out these links:


I also found photos of the Freewinds on Russian domains, a bit slow loading and it depends how good your Russian is, but here they are - amazing how many Russian sites there are:

More Freewinds Photos

Now the vessel "Freewinds" cruises the Carribean and one of the ports it frequents is Curacao. They contribute to the colorful flavor of this area of the world, see here:

Freewinds Jazz

Freewinds Jazz Concert

Freewinds Curacao Jazz

They also visit Bonaire Freewinds in Bonaire

and Barbados Freewinds in Barbados

Freewinds in Bridgetown

Here are pages giving info on the Freewinds, detailing how the Freewinds, operates out of her home port in the Caribbean, far from the turbulent crossroads of the world and offers Scientologists the highest levels of spiritual advancement.


The Freewinds, the Flag Ship Service Organization

Okay, now there is also another beautiful yacht that carries the name "Freewinds" with pride:

The Freewinds
Freewinds Virtual Tour

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Here's a Scientologist from the Los Angeles area who has quite a story about how she got into Scientology and the way she has used Scientology applied religious philosophy to improve her life:

Scientology - Patty O'Neill Schwartz a Scientologist - find out what I have gained from Scientology...

Patty tells how she came to find Scientology when she was looking for better solutions to handle drug addicts - which was her profession at the time.

Here is a site which goes into Scientology drug programs and activities, and how they are used by people in all walks of life:

Scientology Effective Solutions - Drug Abuse Information

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I have many Scientology friends all over the world. Even over in Europe. One of our Churches is called AOSH EU (this is stands for Advance Organization Saint Hill Europe - or AOSHEU for short).

They offer many services and even have a more information page, which I am putting here just on the odd chance someone from Europe is seeing this.

AOSHEU More Info

AOSH EU More Info

Monday, March 15, 2004

I am very lucky to have so many true friends. People who I know will look out for me.

There are many people who have written about friendship in literature, poetry and in song.

I found this wonderful page by many people who found a real friend in L. Ron Hubbard, there are many acknowledgements from many people from many walks of life:

L. Ron Hubbard's Friends

There's another person I can't really count as a personal friend, but because of everything he has done to ensure Scientology is kept pure and to help individual Scientologists and churches he is a great friend, not just to me but to every Scientologist. In fact, since Scientology can help anyone do better in life, he is a friend to countless people all over the world, because he has made sure it is being delivered in a standard manner that will work 100% of the time.

That is Mr. David Miscavige. Here are some pages in various foreign languages that describe Mr. Miscavige, for persons who are not primarily English speaking:

David Miscavige(Danish)
David Miscavige (Dutch)
David Miscavige (Greek)
David Miscavige (Hebrew)
David Miscavige (Hungarian)
David Miscavige (Japanese)
David Miscavige (Norwegian)
David Miscavige (Portuguese)
David Miscavige (Russian)
David Miscavige (Swedish)

Thursday, February 12, 2004