Thursday, September 25, 2003

In Bob Imhoff's own words:

"About the time I got into high school, I started to wonder what life was really all about. I began a rather casual search for answers, but the more I looked the more it appeared that the truth about life was very obscure and very difficult to find. This all changed when I read Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health and other Scientology books. Now instead of life being a mystery...I'm in on the secret.

As a result my life has changed--it has improved and much of the improvement has been in totally unexpected areas.

I've decided to illustrate the direction these changes have taken with a rather silly and insignificant example: Earlier in life I would occasionally have upsetting dreams--pretty normal stuff I understand, sometimes referred to as nightmares. After I had been in Scientology for awhile I discovered that instead of being chased in fear by some villain, etc. like before, I found I could kick the villain's butt and I found this to be quite enjoyable. After awhile I realized that I was able to control my dreams. Well more time went by and my dreams changed again. I began dreaming about situations that were very funny, so much so that I would start laughing and wake myself up.

And in real life? Yes--I find the things that go on around me to be very funny most of the time.

When I started looking for the truth about life, I wasn't looking for happiness. I wanted to know the truth even if it hurt. And what did I wind up with? Happiness (and I'm in on the secret of life).

If I were to choose between truth and happiness new, what do you suppose my answer would be? I would laugh because I now know that it's impossible to make that choice since truth and happiness are inseparable."

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

From My Friend Tom Hall:

Hello, my name is Tom Hall, and here is a little bit about myself:

I am a general contractor. I’ve been in the business for 25 years. I do building and remodeling. I’ve been in Scientology since 1971. I am 50 years old, and married. My wife’s name is Dotte. We have three children.

I like to build things and draw and paint. I like to audit and plan to become a professional auditor. I like to play golf and read.

I got into Scientology because I decided to change my life. I needed to find out what was going on so I went out and found Scientology.