Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Many of my friends and I have had the pleasure of sailing on the motor vessel "Freewinds." We attended a conference on board; the ship hosts many conventions, concerts and the like.

For some more information about the Freewinds you can check out these links:


I also found photos of the Freewinds on Russian domains, a bit slow loading and it depends how good your Russian is, but here they are - amazing how many Russian sites there are:

More Freewinds Photos

Now the vessel "Freewinds" cruises the Carribean and one of the ports it frequents is Curacao. They contribute to the colorful flavor of this area of the world, see here:

Freewinds Jazz

Freewinds Jazz Concert

Freewinds Curacao Jazz

They also visit Bonaire Freewinds in Bonaire

and Barbados Freewinds in Barbados

Freewinds in Bridgetown

Here are pages giving info on the Freewinds, detailing how the Freewinds, operates out of her home port in the Caribbean, far from the turbulent crossroads of the world and offers Scientologists the highest levels of spiritual advancement.


The Freewinds, the Flag Ship Service Organization

Okay, now there is also another beautiful yacht that carries the name "Freewinds" with pride:

The Freewinds
Freewinds Virtual Tour