Thursday, December 09, 2004

My Scientology Friends Live All Over the World

A few years ago when I was in Denmark I had a sudden realization - almost like a deja vu except not a deja vu at all - but the same quality of a sudden "Wow."

I've been in Copenhagen on business for a few weeks, and went to the Church (AOSH EU) and got to know some people there.

There's a terrific courtyard in the center of AOSHEU, where there is a cafe and plenty of tables and chairs, and its a place of lively discussions and friendly companionship at all hours of the day and evening.

In between meetings I would go there for a coffee, and I would invariably meet new people to network with.

It was on one of those afternoons, shortly after I'd left the AOSHEU courtyard, that it hit me. Here was people I never met before, but who were totally helpful, gracious and interested -- what would life be like if everyone were like this....
What a concept!

Having lived in several different towns since becoming a Scientologist I have friends all over.

Sometimes I'll be somewhere like Flag and I'll run into someone I knew what I was at the Church of Scientology of Buffalo, or the Scientology Celebrity Centre International, or Washington DC, Perth, Melbourne or Texas - and I'll remember the person, remember liking him or her, but will not be able to place where we've met. I guess that happens to people all the time, but especially when you're in LA or at Flag it is so often that you do run into people who are visiting from their home towns but whom you haven't seen for 10 - 20 years or even longer.