Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Celebrity Sitings

I love brunch at Celebrity Centre International. It's a great brunch -- the best in town for the quality of the food and the ambiance.

And one fun thing about it is the occasional celebrity siting.

Of course we all try to act like nothing happened, and give them some space so they don't have to feel like their privacy is being violated. After all, they are entitled to a relaxing couple of hours over the best food in LA.

But it's still lots of fun!

Who's Dat Cat?

"My Name is Earl" star Jason Lee appeared as a cat in Christmas Stories held at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, in support of the Hollywood Police Athletic League's youth programs.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

Who's Playing Rudolf?

Kelly Preston performs as a reindeer during 'Christmas Stories XIV,' a collection of skits and music to benefit the Hollywood Police Activities League, at the Church of Scientology International Celebrity Centre

Friday, December 08, 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nancy Cartwright

Here's a great piece by Nancy Cartwright. Enjoy...

A Day In The Life...

Nancy Cartwright gives a "how to" and "how come" look at the voice-over industry.

November 21, 2006
By Nancy Cartwright

For you dedicated readers who have been following this column for the past couple issues, this is to let you know that I am currently interviewing a handful of voice-over professionals to get their perspective on the animation industry -- ranging from directors, to casting directors, to voice artists, to animators. I know there is a LOT of interest in the "how to" and the "how come" of this industry and my next issue will focus on some of those points.

Meanwhile... a diversion:
Recently I celebrated my birthday. Yes, I am nearly 5X Bart's age... with the operative word being "nearly." Dana Walden and Gary Newman, exes at 20th Century Fox Television acknowledged that anniversary by giving me a special visit to the set of 24. Needless to say, I am a HUGE fan of the show. The writing is superb, the casting is impeccable and the performances are seamless. About now you are probably wondering what this has to do with voice overs. Well, nothing and something.>> continued

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Noelle North, Actress with a Purpose

Noelle North is the Drug-Free Marshals coordinator for the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles.

That's her under the big ten gallon hat.

And here's the full story from the Scientology Press Office

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Am I lucky or what?

Michelle Stafford
Well, yesterday I saw Kelly Preston and today I saw Michelle Stafford. I tell you, I get to see more Hollywood stars at my local Church of Scientology than the average Angelino! And they're all gorgeous!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I saw Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston with husband John Travolta
I saw Kelly Preston yesterday at my local Church of Scientology. She was looking good - very good actually - very bright and sparkly. She's a lovely person. Anyway, I found her website: Kelly Preston. Go check out the "Kelly's Causes" link, you'll find some interesting stuff there.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Scientology Weddings - What are they like?

Here's a good video that tells a bit about Scientology weddings.

The unique thing about Scientology weddings, as with the Scientology religion in general, is that it is built on practical truths that help the individual survive better in life. When applied to a marriage, they help the partners ensure the future of the relationship with the simple principle of A-R-C, standing for Affinity, Reality and Communication.

Read the Scientology Handbook chapter on ARC for information on how to use this in your own relationships -- not just with husband, wife, partner, etc. but in any relationship you have in life.

Very effective!

And here's the video.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman
Actress Jenna Elfman arrives by car for the wedding of actors Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise on Nov. 18, 2006, in Bracciano, Italy. (Photo by Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Best Wishes to the Happy Couple

As reported by a gazillion news outlets, the wedding of the decade happened yesterday and the happy couple are now off on their honeymoon.

Something you may have been wondering about is who was the best man? So here are some links for you to peruse:

Friday, November 17, 2006

Wedding Mania

Well, you can probably guess what's going to be on this blog for the next couple of days, but I'm going to try and keep it interesting. So, here is an interesting article with a couple of cool associated videos: Inside TomKat's Scientology Ceremony

A comments I wanted to make on the article. The reporter is trying to differentiate between a Scientology Wedding Ceremony and a Christian Wedding Ceremony. The religious scholar interviewed is probably correct, but I'd like to add that from my viewpoint, having been the minister at a couple of weddings, I'd say that the Scientology ceremony puts the attention on the people getting married and the creation of their future together.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Surprise, surprise, Media Accuracy

In this article the Scientology Wedding Ceremony is mentioned and ... they actually got it right. Amazing! Italian mayor chats up TomKat wedding

For even more details try this: Scientology Wedding

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Media are rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off

The media frenzy has begun. Of course, the venue is all guesswork, so who knows if they are right or not. Tom hasn't told me personally where it is to be, and I haven't received my invitation yet, but I'm hopeful :)

Anyway, here's an article about the current media favorite: The 15th-century Odescalchi Castle near Lake Bracciano. I must say it looks like a gorgeous spot, well befitting the marriage of the biggest star in the world.

And ... everything you wanted to know about a Scientology Wedding, but were afraid to ask is here: Scientology Wedding

Monday, November 13, 2006

I saw Jenna Elfman

I was at my local Scientology Church a couple of days ago and there standing in front of me was Jenna Elfman (where's a cell phone camera when you need it?). She is truly an Amazon: Tall, blonde and beautiful! Funnily enough I just found her MySpace site too: Jenna Elfman on MySpace.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Russell Crowe on Tom Cruise

One of the top actors in the world, Russell Crowe, stands up for another top actor, Tom Cruise. Watch the video clip: Russell Crowe on 60 Minutes (scroll down to "Defending Tom Cruise")

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Nice shot of Tom Cruise and His Son

Here is a nice shot of Tom Cruise and his son Connor: Tom Cruise & Connor

Monday, November 06, 2006

And She Does It

Never one to renig on a bet, Kirstie Ally actually appeared on Oprah today in a bikini.

Her message:

"We can decide to change anything — at any age," Alley said. "What I hope for all women is they feel good about themselves, they look the way they want to look."

Kirstie Alley Gets Bikini-Ready for Oprah

Do you think Kirstie will do it? Model a bikini on Oprah now that she has reacher her target weight?

The irrepresible Ms. Alley -- who knows!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tom Cruise & Paula Wagner to Run a Film Studio!

Many in the movie business thought that old Sumner Redstone was getting senile (think "King Lear") when he cut off negotiations with Cruise-Wagner Productions and thereby lost Paramount Pictures their biggest money making star, but for Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner it's turning out to have been the perfect decision. Not only did they immediately get production companies camping outside their door but now they are running a film studio!

Tom Cruise, Partner, to Run Film Studio

Rodney star, Jennifer Aspen, tied the knot Saturday, with her longtime beau, actor David O’Donnell.

Los Angeles, CA (FV Newswire) - Rodney star, Jennifer Aspen, and her longtime beau, David O’Donnell, were married Saturday at actress Anne Archer’s home.

It's the first marriage for both Aspen and O’Donnell, also an actor, who have been together for nine years.

Clutching a famed Mark’s Garden bouquet, the vision-in-ivory made her way down the aisle in a Junko Yoshioka for Bonaparte-NY dress, Cynthia Rowley shoes and jewelry by Matthew’s in Studio City.

The Scientology ceremony was held in front of 55 friends and family including Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg), Catherine Bell (JAG), Giovanni Ribisi (Saving Private Ryan), Sky Dayton (CEO of Helio) and, of course, Anne Archer herself (Patriot Games). The reception found the happy couple in the garden mingling with guests while munching on taquitos from Tony’s Mexican Grill and tasting their Mani’s Bakery wedding cake.

Aspen, 32, who first caught the spotlight eight years ago as Daphne in television’s Party of Five, will be appearing in the upcoming film Mr. Woodcock (with Billy Bob Thornton, Seann William Scott and Susan Sarandon) and the independent feature Guy in Row Five, both set for release late this fall.

With the help of her uber-organized Mother, Aspen planned and carried out the entire wedding herself in just five weeks’ time.

“I have come to the conclusion that marriage is a wonderful thing,” said Aspen, “and that I should have done it sooner. It has made my relationship with David even better. We’ve been having so much fun!”

The couple will enjoy their honeymoon at the Ritz Carlton in picturesque Laguna Beach.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tom Cruise's Next project

Tom Cruise
Among the three films actor Tom Cruise is considering for his next project is a Spike Lee-directed drama called “Selling Time,” which would star the famous Scientologist as a man who sells back chunks of time in his life for a chance to relive and change the worst day of his life.

According to Daily Variety, Cruise and Lee have met several times to discuss the project, and the two are currently working on a rewrite of a script by Dan McDermott.

The 20th Century Fox film would be Cruise’s first since he and his C/W partner Paula Wagner left Paramount in August to make an overhead and potential funding deal with Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, NVR chair Dwight Schar and Six Flags president-CEO Mark Shapiro.

Cruise is also considering Warner Bros’ "The Ha-Ha," a Chuck Leavitt-scripted adaptation of a Dave King novel where he would play a Gulf War vet rendered mute by his injuries and charged with the care of a 9-year-old whose mother goes AWOL.

The actor is also being courted for the indie "Lions for Lambs," a political drama revolving around a platoon of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Robert Redford is likely to direct as well as play a role. Cruise would play a congressman opposite Meryl Streep as a journalist.

In related news, Cruise’s rep Arnold Robinson has confirmed that he and Katie Holmes will marry in Italy on Nov. 18.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Anne Archer at the Grand Opening of the Church of Scientology of London

Here's what AP said about the Grand Opening of the Church of Scientology of London:

U.S. actress Anne Archer speaks at the opening of the Church of Scientology's new church in London Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006. The Church of Scientology unveiled its new London headquarters today with a grand opening. On the Church's web site there's a news release too, that states:

Spectacular Grand Opening of Scientology Church's New Home in London

LONDON — More than 3,000 members and friends of the Church of Scientology of London packed Queen Victoria Street in the heart of London for the sensational grand opening of the new home of the UK’s oldest Scientology church. Steps away from the Tate Gallery and St. Paul’s Cathedral, the beautifully restored historic building at 146 Queen Victoria Street now serves the growing membership of London-area Scientologists. Its opening marks the largest expansion for Scientology in the Church’s 50-year history in London.

Guest of honor, Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center and leader of the Scientology religion, stressed the historical importance of London."This is the city L. Ron Hubbard himself [founder of the Scientology religion] selected as home to the first Scientology organization. This is also the city wherein he first defined the human spirit as an immortal being possessed of capabilities beyond anything predicted, and so arrived at the axiomatic truths on which the whole of Scientology is founded. Your early London organizations were also the original proving ground for the bulk of Mr. Hubbard’s social betterment programs which are used to uplift neighborhoods just like this one."

The London Church on Tottenham Court Road, which served the community for the past 38 years, was also completely refurbished and re-opened on Sunday as a Scientology Life Improvement Center. It now features a full public information exhibition, including audio-visual presentations of the Church’s work across society, and introductory film showings, live lectures and materials for anyone to learn more about Scientology for themselves.

To add to the import of the day was the announcement that the Church had acquired and renovated the very building where, in 1957, Mr. Hubbard established that first Scientology organization in the UK at 35-37 Fitzroy Street.

The Church of Scientology of London was welcomed to its new premises on Queen Victoria Street by Alderman Ian Luder, representing the Lord Mayor of the City. He spoke of the effective help the Church provides to get people off drugs and its successful programs to reduce crime.

Mr. Kevin Hurley, Divisional Commander of London’s Snow Hill Police Station, called upon the Scientologists to"tenaciously focus on bettering this world," and said that he knows with"complete personal certainty" that the members are"raising the spiritual wealth of society" with their charitable works. He presented a special recognition for their valuable assistance and support following the city’s tragic bombings of July 2005.

United Nations Peace Envoy, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Ayaz, spoke of his personal insight into the work done by Scientology around the world."It is my personal belief," he said"this Church can restore what this world has lately lost — namely, much of the dignity and respect with which it was created."

The Church’s new home is an 1866 Italian-styled Victorian landmark designed by architect Edward l’Anson for the British and Foreign Bible Society. Redevelopment in the mid-80s transformed it into a fully functioning modern office facility that served British Petroleum for two decades. The stunning period staircase and double-height entrance hall have been restored to create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere for parishioners and visitors.

Beyond the aesthetics of the building itself, Mr. Miscavige spoke of the role of the programs that will roll out from within the London church’s walls:"Our gift of literacy to disadvantaged children; restoring self-respect to those who’ve gone astray; easing suffering; eradicating racial prejudice; and, repairing the bonds that bind man together.

“This new church packs the full body of L Ron Hubbard’s technologies as derived from the greater well of Scientology knowledge," said Mr. Miscavige,"and, as such, it provides the full gamut of Scientology activities for the betterment of mankind."

Friday, October 20, 2006

Robbie Scandrett

Robbie Scandrett is a stage-and television actor from London who went to India for a month and a Scientology Volunteer MInister following the South Asian tsunami of 2004.

He is featured on a very special web site called After the Tsunami, created by Danish Scientologist Thorsten Overgaard

I invite you to share Robbie's story of what those days in India were like, and to view the moving images Overgaard recorded and shared on his web site.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jenna Elfman - Dharma and Greg

A short little Dharma and Greg clip from YouTube. One of my favorite Jenna Elfman moments.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


According to SFGate:

Indie rocker Beck and his wife, Marissa Ribisi, are expecting their second child together, according to reports.

The devout Scientologist couple have been married for two years and were highly secretive about their marriage and the birth of their first child.

Monday, October 16, 2006

And More Beck

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Standing on a gritty downtown street corner, Beck yawns and leans against a dark cane perfectly matched to his light grey suit.

He's an urban nymph, straight blond hair to his shoulders, bright blue eyes and pale unlined skin, an anomaly in this seedy, nighttime scene - the set of the video for "Nausea," a single from his new pop-rap hybrid album, "The Information."

"This album is a relief. I've been working on it for almost three years. It's been on my shoulders for a long time, and it's good to have it coming out and be out of my hands," he tells The Associated Press as extras, production people and his own team scurry about.

In the middle of this chaotic mix, Beck's two-year-old son Cosimo - a tiny, babbling version of his father in green alligator boots - runs around, kicking his baby bottle on the grimy, trash-hewn street.

"Daddy's dancing!" shouts Cosimo to no one in particular. His mother, Beck's pixie-ish wife, actress Marissa Ribisi, follows the tyke with her camera, gleefully snapping photos.

Twelve years since the release of Beck's breakthrough album "Mellow Gold," with its jangly anthemic hit "Loser," the 36-year-old L.A. native, singer, bohemian rapper and multi-instrumentalist has moved from eclectic slacker to family man, adding another dimension to his multifaceted persona. >>

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Taron Lexton

Taron Lexton may only be 21 years old but he is an award winning director and cinematographer and his most recent product, the 30 human rights public service announcements for Youth for Human Rights International are blockbusters.

Here he is, with a cameo part in the PSA illustrating the right to a fair trial.

Zenon Duda

Sculptor Zenon Duda created a 5,000 square foot sculpture installation and event called “Requiem for the Pawns of War.”

One Missouri state legislator in attendance acknowledged it as world-class art, on par with works shown at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris.

The art work featured two components, “Iraq Body Count Labyrinth” and “Requiem.”

Thursday, October 12, 2006

And another

And another great photo of the three beauties.

By the way, if you've ever seen Lisa Maria up close, she is TINY. She seems to tower over her mom and daughter here....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Presley Women

A propos to my last posting, here are 3 generations of Presley women.

Amazing beauties, all of them.

Lisa Marie Presley

The "What is Scientology?" web site includes success stories from famous Scientologists. Here's what Lisa Marie says:

. Ron Hubbard researched man and has carefully and precisely mapped a route out of the madness, misery and unwanted conditions one can encounter in life. When applied exactly, the technology produces incredible results. Those results are very definite and eternal.

Were it not for Scientology, I would either be completely insane or dead by now. I am forever grateful for the technology of Scientology and to Mr. Hubbard who dedicated his life to helping man and this planet, as well as to the people who have dedicated their lives to helping others through Scientology.

Lisa Marie Presley

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Beck

Beck Hansen

Beck - Permanent Mutations

Rock stars or, in Beck Hansen's case, indie-underground-electronic-anti-folk stars, just love yakking about their influences. Beck makes entertaining fodder for this Christoph Dreher film, which focuses on the muso's artistic development and upbringing.

Born to Scientologist parents, Beck was raised in California and later moved to Germany, where he was infuenced by his grandfather, Fluxus artist Al Hansen (famous for dropping pianos from buildings). Later, Beck joined New York's punk-influenced anti-folk movement.

The interviews include one with his eccentric mum, visual artist Bibbe Hansen, and another during a recording session with that buxom old chain-smoker Marianne Faithfull. Gigs from albums such as Mellow Gold and Odelay spice up Beck's explanations for sourcing creative juices. "The accident sometimes communicates more than the thing that's perfect," he says after singing in Prince-like falsetto.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Beck and QOTSA Headline Event Designed To Revitalize Downtown LA

Local heroes BECK and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE brought Los Angeles' inaugural LA Weekly Detour music festival to a close on Saturday night (07OCT06), as organisers celebrated a successful debut.

The one-day festival was launched this year (06) with the aim of bringing the arts and a vibrancy to downtown Los Angeles, the city's financial district which has attracted a reputation for being a no-go area after dark in recent years.

Among the other acts appearing were Blonde Redhead, Basement Jaxx, Redd Kross and PeepingTom.

Beck told a delighted crowd, "I'm from here, Downtown LA. I was born about half a mile behind those buildings." LA Weekly's BETH SESTANOVICH outlines the intent of the event: "Detour, an annual music festival in downtown Los Angeles, demonstrates our continuing commitment to live music in the city and our shared vision of contributing to a revitalised downtown."

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jenna Elfman

I am amazed at how beautiful Jenna Elfman is.

I'm also really impressed with how committed she is to helping kids.

Recently she went to Toronto to open an exhibition that shows the application of the study technology of L. Ron Hubbard, and how much this can help kids do better in school.

She is also a very outspoken critic of the overdrugging of kids (hey - ANY drugging is overdrugging, if you asked me. Check out for more information on that).

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kelly Preston

I am so glad to see how well Kelly Preston's career is going.

Not only is she beautiful and just a joy to watch, but I had the opportunity to meet her a few months ago and she is one of the most genuinely lovely women I've ever met and the most genuine and friendliest.

And John Travolta -- a true legend -- puts on zero airs, and is just a really nice man.

Here's a little spot on her latest film:

Kelly Preston and Toby Keith Bring Country to Hollywood
September 8, 2006

How do you keep a high-powered Hollywood relationship alive? Just buy a plane!

"I'm telling you, it helps enormously," Kelly Preston revealed, who often travels with her full-time actor and part-time pilot husband John Travolta high in the sky.

So, does the couple talk in the cockpit?

"Sometimes I'll run up there with the stupidest things, like, ‘Honey, I've got to do the checklist," Kelly dished.

This week's checklist had Kelly's new movie, "Broken Bridges," at the top. The film opens Friday and co-stars country music star Toby Keith.

"He's just a good, real, down-to-earth guy," she said of Keith.

In fact, Kelly and John got so close to Toby while filming of the movie, they couldn't get the singer-actor off their couch one night. Or so Kelly says.

"He came over to our house and he says, ‘I think I drank them out of the house and home: they had no beer left,'" Kelly said, adding, "He left at 4:30 in the morning."

But Toby said, when he could stay focused, he was just collecting acting tips from Kelly.

"Yeah, she's chewing me out," he said. "But, damn, she's hot. Every scene, we get a little closer through the whole movie."

See the chemistry yourself when "Broken Bridges" hits theaters Friday.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Success Stories

The ScientologyToday web site has a section where Scientologists talk about Scientology.

It can be found here:

If you wander over that way, you'll find what some of the best known Scientology celebrities say about their religion.

And with that, you will probably understand why they are so outspoken about it.

I found, for myself, when I realized what Scientology really is, and how much it helps, I was eager to tell everyone about it.

In fact, I STILL am!

Kate Ceberano

Have you ever watched Kate perform live? Her voice is fabulous, but her delivery.... incomparable, breathtaking, sexy, vivacious, playful, exhilarating, engaging, in full communication with the audience.

Anyone have any adjectives to add?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis is back in the news, with the release of her 2nd album Four on the Floor slated for October.

She gets great reviews, and is one of those very rare people who started off as an actor and has made the transition to serious singer.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Finally found the Cruise Family Vanity Fair

My wife finally found a copy of Vanity Fair - by accident. She went to buy some curtains and there were a couple of copies. I guess they were in such an unexpected place that nobody thought to go there to look for them.

Anyway, the article and the pictures are great. What a cute little baby and what adoring parents.

The article gives you a real insight into how Tom, Katie, their families and all the kids get along and how they have fun. It is a great article for dispelling rumors and gossip.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Million Billion

Million Billion is a cool band, I saw them perform last year and they were excellent. They have their own website where you can here samples of their music: Million Billion Music.

Anne Archer

Anne Archer is a real human rights advocate. In addition to her hosting the Freedom Magazine Human Rights Leadership Awards event on Capitol Hill last night, only three weeks ago she was in New York for the Youth for Human Rights International summit at the UN. She hosted a human rights art exhibition in SoHo at that time.

She has also created a new group of her own -- Artists for Human Rights.

Artists have a great deal of influence in this culture and someone who uses that influence for peace and a more decent life for all is a very special person indeed.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Name is Earl

Actor and Scientologist, Jason Lee's TV series, My Name is Earl, is doing great. It won a couple of Emmy awards this year and was nominated for all sorts of other award. Jason himself received nominations from the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild and more.

Artists for Human Rights

Anne Archer is a very outspoken human rights advocate and devoted Scientologist.

She recently created a group called Artists for Human Rights to bring artists together with the common cause of raised awareness and education of human rights.

The Scientology religion could be called a human rights religion, because so much of it is based on the concept of helping other attain their rights. It is even part of the Scientology Creed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Good for Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin Defends Scientology

Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin has spoken out in defense of fellow screen star Tom Cruise's Scientology beliefs, insisting followers of his controversial faith are not nearly as worrying as those who "drove planes into the World Trade Center."

The actor believes that, until Scientologists are found to be responsible for atrocities such as the 9/11 attacks, the media should leave Cruise alone.

He tells, "I think what's been done to Tom is kind of silly. I don't really understand Tom's religious beliefs; nor do I want to. All I know is I don't see people who are disciples of Tom's faith driving planes into the World Trade Center. When Scientologists start crashing planes into the Pentagon, then I think we should sit Tom down and have a grand jury talk to him. In the meantime, let's just leave him alone."

The Popularity of Tom Cruise

This weekend my wife and I tried to get a copy of the Vanity Fair with the Cruise family on the front. Everywhere we tried it was sold out. At one big bookstore chain we were told that it sold out on the day it arrived so they ordered a second lot and that sold out immediately too! My daughter had the same trouble on the other side of the country and she went to even more stores than we did. She finally found a friend who'd managed to find a copy so she got to see it.

It is just amazing how popular Tom Cruise is.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Confirmation about what I said about Tom Cruise

Tom CruiseIn an earlier post (A New Deal For Tom Cruise) I said that Sumner Redstone, the head of Viacom, probably knew many of the top execs of big pharmaceutical companies, how right I was. It seems that "William Gray, who is part of Viacom’s board of directors, is also on the board of Pfizer (the largest pharmaceutical company by 2004 sales). And Ivan Seidenberg, who is also part of Viacom’s board of directors, is on the board of Wyeth (the 10th largest pharmaceutical company by 2004 sales)." (from The Truth Behind Tom Cruise).

I'd say Tom was much better off not being associated with Viacom and its unethical connections. One other indication of the illogic of Redstone's decision: "it seems that Viacom's shares fell as much as 10%" (same article).

But while Viacom and big Pharmaceutical drug themselves into oblivion, Tom's new production partners are over the moon and good things are in the works.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scientology Success: Jenna Elfman

Successful actress Jenna Elfman shares her wins and gain in life due to Scientology in this article: Scientology Success: Jenna Elfman.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Michael Moore - Here Here

“It’s time to stop picking on Tom Cruise. What is his crime? Jumping on a couch? Actors are supposed to different. They’re not accountants. His religion is own damn business, no matter what planet it’s from. He’s not firing rockets into Iraq.”

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Travolta on Suri Cruise

"She reminds me of ELLA. She looks so much like the two of them, the perfect balance... I think a lot of people feel very foolish that there was so much hoopla." JOHN TRAVOLTA's actress wife KELLY PRESTON is thrilled to see much-publicised Vanity Fair photos of pal and fellow Scientologist TOM CRUISE's baby daughter SURI.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

At last some truth about Tom, Katie and Suri

Check this out quick, I don't know how long the link will be valid (hopefully for a month): Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Talk About Baby Suri

Monday, September 04, 2006

Nazanin Afshin-Jam - Human Rights Hero

Nazanin Afshin-Jam was awarded the title "Human Rights Hero" last week by Youth for Human Rights International and an international youth summit held at the United Nations. The story is covered on the Scientology Press Office web site.

Here is an article from April on the work Nazanin is doing to save the life of a young girl in Iran.

TAKING A STAND: Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Former Miss World Canada 2003, Struggles To Save Iranian Compatriot From Execution

4/27/06 By Darius KADIVAR
Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Former Miss World Canada 2003, Struggles To Save Iranian Compatriot From Execution
It’s never easy to be a teenager anywhere in the world but it is certainly more difficult in Iran where an entire nation is subject to particularly harsh not to say absurd so-called Islamic laws meant to regulate all aspects of human life including the most intimate ones since the advent of Islamic Republic more than 27 years ago.

It is not exaggerated to say that Iranian Women have since been subject to a form of sexual apartheid. For instance the price of the blood of a Woman, is worth half the price of that of a Man. A woman cannot become a Judge because they consider that she cannot be objective enough. Similarly the testimony of two Women is worth that of a single Man. Paradoxically however it is precisely Iranian women who are at the forefront of the struggle for social and judiciary justice in today’s Iran. The year 2003 seemed to smile to Iranian Women and raise hopes on a solution to their unfair predicament.

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate was indeed attributed to a former Iranian Judge ( before the Revolution of 1979 ), now only lawyer ,Shirine Ebadi for her focus on human rights, especially on the struggle for the rights of women and children. Ms. Ebadi won from a record field of 165 candidates, including Pope John Paul and former Czech President Vaclav Havel. Interestingly the same year Iranian born Nazanin Afshin-Jam was elected Miss World Canada 2003 and Miss World first runner-up. As if symbolically two generations of Iranian Women separated by the turmoils of revolution and exile were thus honored in the West, setting in their own respective ways an example for Iranian Women worldwide to look up to and particularly in their native country.

Alas nearly three years after the situation of Iranian women has not considerably changed for the better. The radical laws continue to be prejudicial to Women and the presidential election of an Iranian radical fanatic Mahmoud Ahmaninejad (who seems to have single handedly invented in the Iranian community anti-Semitic militancy that was virtually inexistent in Persian society) has only encouraged his hard-line supporters to intensify their firm grip on the country’s judiciary. At the face of such rising intolerance in her native country Nazanin Afshin-Jam has chosen to take a stand for the predicament of an Iranian 18 year old namesake who is threatened by an imminent execution. Her crime? Having fatally stabbed to death in March 2005 one of three men who attempted to rape her as well as her 16 year old niece in a Park in Southern Tehran.Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Former Miss World Canada 2003

During her trial Nazanin said "I wanted to defend myself and my niece. I did not want to kill that boy. At the heat of the moment I did not know what to do because no one came to our help." She was nevertheless sentenced to the maximum punishment possible under the current law, death by hanging ...

The former Miss World Canada, who considers that Nazanin is rather a victim than a criminal, is determined to help save the young teenager’s life and use her own International fame to draw attention on the teenager’s dangerous predicament. If nothing seems to ebb the determination of Afshin-Jam, a former Warrant Officer First Class of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and Political Science Student (*), and who has launched an online petition (See petition ) to support this cause, it is very much likely that the Iranian Judiciary carries out the sentence. This makes Afshin-Jam’s petition all the more important and her struggle to save her compatriot all the more urgent.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Scientologist Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell
The beautiful and talented actress and Scientologist, Catherine Bell, thought that when her hit series JAG ended she'd have some time on her hands, but it was not to be. She is in such demand that since shooting the last episode of JAG she has starred in the highly successful mini-series "The Triangle" on the SciFi channel (now available on DVD), shot another two movies for TV, "Company Town" which is complete and "Still Small Voices" which is in post production, and just started shooting another.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sheena Chohan - Top Indian Model

Sheena Chohan - Top Indian ModelScientology Celebrities are not just confined to Hollywood and the USA. Here is a story about Sheena Chohan, one of India's top models: Famous Model Delivers Lectures on the Scientology Handbook in Calcutta, India

Friday, September 01, 2006

Scientology Success: Kate Ceberano

Kate Ceberano is an incredibly talented and extremely popular Australian vocalist. She has won many awards and sold gazillions of albums. Here is what she has to say about what Scientology has done for her: Scientology Success: Kate Ceberano

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman
Find out what Jenna Elfman is doing to help people and promote the message of human rights. Visit her website here: Jenna Elfman

Monday, August 28, 2006

A New Deal For Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's production company has just made a new deal with a large investment company: Cruise hauls in a moviemaking deal. It didn't take long to find a willing group of investors.

Last week Sumner Redstone, the head of the massive multinational corporation "Viacom", bypassed several levels of his company to stop negotiations between Paramount Pictures and Tom Cruise's production company. That's sort of like the President of the United States stepping in to stop a contract negotiation taking place between the City of New York and Donald Trump, it just doesn't make sense.

Also, given that Tom's movies are responsible for roughly a third of Paramount's box office over the past six years (as reported in Daily Variety on Aug 27th) it makes even less sense. So what prompted Redstone to do this crazy act?

Redstone said about Cruise, "his recent conduct has not been acceptable." Hmm. Let's think, did Tom Cruise get drunk, get arrested and then make anti-Semitic comments to one of the cops? No, that was Mel Gibson. Did Tom Cruise throw a phone at a hotel employee who annoyed him? No. that was Russell Crowe. Did Tom Cruise get arrested for a hit and run? No that was someone else. Did he get caught with drugs in his possession? No, that was someone else too.

So what is the unacceptable conduct? Well, he did exercise his right to freedom of speech and told the truth on national TV about the dangers of psychiatric drugs, that there were no tests to prove that psychiatric diseases even existed and that psychiatrists were a bunch of frauds. All things that are known and proven facts.

But, in so doing he cost the drug companies a lot of money because the use of such drugs (antidepressants, etc.) fell noticeably in the following months. His speaking out also helped the FDA get up the courage to issue several warnings about the dangers of psychiatric drugs which further hurt drug company profits.

Now what has that got to do with Sumner Redstone? You ask. Simple, which industry is one of the biggest (possibly the biggest) advertisers? You guessed it: the drug industry. And where does a huge amount of Viacom's revenue come from? Advertising.

It's also possible Redstone has a lot of investment in drug companies - they are extremely profitable after all. Additionally he probably knows many of the top execs of the big drug companies: such people tend to be members of the same societies and are often on each other's boards of directors.

So with all that data it becomes clear why Redstone would be willing to jeopardize a third of the revenue of one relatively small entity in his monster company and why he was willing to attack a man who exercised his right to freedom of speech - a right without which Viacom wouldn't even exist.

Of course his action has not hurt Tom Cruise at all, his production company has already cut a deal with a willing group of investors. Poor old Paramount is the only one who will suffer from Redstone's actions.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Scientology Success: Chick Corea

Chick Corea is one of the greatest Jazz musicians of all time. In July he became the first jazz pianist to receive the prestigious Award of the Piano Festival Ruhr. The lifetime achievement award is given to an artist who has influenced musical development for more than 30 years and has inspired the imagination of generations of musicians. Artistic Director Franz Xaver Ohnesorg presented Corea with the award, which has only Been given to eight other stellar artists, including Daniel Barenboim, Alfred Brendel and Pierre-Laurent.

Chick has also been a Scientologist for almost 40 years. You can read his success story here: Scientology Success: Chick Corea

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Anniversary Gala

Can't remember if I did an entry about the recent anniversary gala at the Scientology Celebrity Center.

It was a big affairs with over 1,000 people. I didn't attend unfortunately, however, I heard it was a great evening.

Here's an article about it.

HOLLYWOOD — The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International hosted its 37th Anniversary Gala in Hollywood on Saturday, August 5th. The guest list included many of the Church's well-known members, including John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Jenna Elfman, Leah Remini, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Dohring, Anne Archer, Sofia Milos and Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson).

Legendary guest performer Chaka Kahn entertained the more than 1100 guests including parishioners of the Church, local and federal government officials and community leaders.

Guests were also treated to a preview of 30 new TV public service announcements — each illustrating one of the 30 articles of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Through these audio-visual presentations and other educational tools, Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International, in partnership with Youth for Human Rights International, seeks to reach millions of people to raise awareness of fundamental human rights and bring about global change.

Its popularity in the arts mirrors the overall growth of the Scientology religion, with 10 million members in over 150 countries. Its rapid expansion is word-of-mouth driven, due to the religion's practical principles that are used to improve conditions in life.

The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood was founded in 1969. Other Celebrity Centres are located in cultural centers around the world including New York, Paris, Nashville, Vienna, Florence and London.

In keeping with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's words from 1951, "A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists," these Celebrity Centres are the arts and cultural branch of the Scientology religion and as such work with those whose broad visions for social enhancement are the catalyst for positive change in society. Celebrity Centres, like all churches of Scientology worldwide, are open to the public.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More on John Travolta and friends

Check out these AP photos of John Travolta, his wife and Leah Remini:

amd here with the wonderful Jenna Elfman:

The photo was taken at the Celebrity Center International, the Church of Scientology were celebrities take couses and Scientology spiritual counseling.

If you have never been there, you should drop by and do a tour. This is the location where the following speech was given:

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tom Cruise Does It Again

Tom Cruise has a history of coming to peoples' aid. From saving a woman who was being mugged, to getting a hit-and-run victim to hospital (and paying her bill) Tom epitomizes the care for one's fellow man that all Scientologists share. Well, he's just done it again, as reported by E Online: Tom and Katie to the Rescue!


A Scientology musician who really is underated is Michael Duff. He used to have a band called "Chalk Farm" and they really rocked.

Michael is an interesting person - he works with "Artists for Human Rights" and he is also a good webdesigner.

He has been a Scientologist for many years. See what he has to say about the subject.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Anne Archer on the Environmnet

Anne Archer is an IAS Freedom Medalist and a runner up in the Academy Awards. She is also a very beautiful and socially conscious woman.

Here's what she says about the environmnet (it's on the web site of the Earth Organziation.

"There is not one of us that is not aware, that the environment around us is changing for the worst. Yet we leave the task to others to do something about it.

"The Earth Organization is the first international organization that has realistic goals that all of us can
achieve right now to help preserve
our environment.

"Our own survival on Earth is dependant upon the well being of all the other life forms that share our planet with us because none survive alone!

"And as we contribute to preserving and enhancing our environment, our own lives are enriched because we "know we are contributing to the preservation of the Earth, our home.

"It really is becoming obvious that the time has come for all of us to be involved. If every one of us did our part, we could turn around this downward spiral.

"That is why I have decided to helpbecause I know I can help."

John Travolta

It was great hearing what John Travolta had to say about Scientology at the 37th anniversary Gala at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre last weekend:

"I've been part of the Celebrity Center for 31 years this year. So every year is a celebration for me because when I found Celebrity Center I found my life again."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Scientology Success: Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis is an accomplished actor and a dynamic singer/performer. Here is what she has to say about Scientology: Scientology Success: Juliette Lewis

Friday, August 04, 2006

Scientology Success: Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley was born in the shadow cast by her famous father but despite that she has carved out a successful career for herself as a singer/songwriter. Here she tells us how Scientology has helped her: Scientology Success: Lisa Marie Presley.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Scientology Success: Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes is probably most famous as the composer of the theme song for the movie "Shaft". It won an Oscar. Here is what he has to say about his experiences with Scientology: Scientology Success: Isaac Hayes

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scientology Success: Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is a lady who doesn't mince words. She's very forthright and tells it like it is. So as you'd expect, her Scientology Success Story is short and to the point: Scientology Success: Kirstie Alley.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Scientology Success: Kelly Preston

I've had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Preston and I have to say she is one of the nicest (as well as prettiest) people I've ever met. She has written about the success in life she has had from using Scientology and you can read it here: Scientology Success: Kelly Preston.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scientology Success: John Travolta

John Travolta said about Scientology:
I would say that Scientology put me into the big time.

That may sound strange to you if you think of a religion as a method of worship rather than as a body of spiritual knowledge. Scientology is a body of spiritual knowledge and includes many methods of using that knowledge in everyday life. These methods of application of knowledge are called "technology". Here is the full text of what John had to say: Scientology Success: John Travolta

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Scientologist Steve Carlson

Steve Carlson isn't what you normally think of as a "celebrity", he is a business man, an entrepreneur, not someone involved in arts or entertainment. But because of his great work helping victims of the Asian Tsunami I think he deserves a mention here.

Steve's organizational abilities helped save thousands of lives and his story is told in the latest edition of Freedom magazine: Scientologist Steve Carlson

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Artists For Human Rights - Artists taking a stand for Human Rights

The human rights organization called Artists For Human Rights, founded by Actress Anne Archer, was mentioned by Jenny a couple days ago, but I just found out that a good friend of mine, Michael Duff, was the designer and builder of the site. The new website is great. I especially recommend the Featured Artists page.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stacy Francis

Stacy Francis is one incredible performer. Here's a posting about her at the Freewinds Jazz Festival

I have seen her perform at several Scientology events.

A few weeks ago she performed at the Maiden Voyage Event on L. Ron Hubbard Way (she performed before the video briefing by David Miscavige). She did about five numbers. There were about 5,000 people there and she had us all on our feet, screaming our heads off in a standing ovation.

I also saw her at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights annual fundraising dinner this past February and at the Celebrity Centre Gala last August.

And it's always an amazing experience to hear her perform.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Artists for Human Rights

I just found a web site called Artists for Human Rights, created by Anne Archer with the purpose of bringing artists together with the common cause of raising awareness of human rights around the world while providing a voice to those artists who have been suppressed due to governmental, religious or cultural oppression.

Here's what she says about the history of the web site:
Founded by the celebrated Academy Award nominated film actress and human rights advocate, Anne Archer, Artists for Human Rights invites artists from all disciplines to contribute. Participation is broad-based, embracive of all races, creeds and nationalities with its only prerequisite - support and affirmation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Working Board members are exactly that - working board members. Not in name only, Working Board members attend meetings, take on projects, bring their own creative genius to the cause for human rights.

Maintaining its goals and mission statement, Artists for Human Rights works inclusively with allied organizations to bring the full force of artistic expression to bear in the human rights arena. What many do not know about AFHR Founder Anne Archer is that she has tirelessly and unceremoniously fought for human rights across the globe for nearly two decades. She has led religious tolerance movements in Germany, France, the United States, Spain and Africa. She has, with other artists, led protest marches in uneven streets, testified to Congress, met quietly and openly with State Department officials around the world - always bringing her creativity and passion to the fight.

More recently, Anne has been an instrumental force for Youth for Human Rights International which has over 25 chapters around the world promoting human rights in schools, orphanages, colleges - all on numerous continents - as well as Youth Summits and film festivals in concert with UNICEF and the United Nations.

"Where after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home - so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Yet they are the world of the individual person; the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm or office where he works…unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere. Without concerted citizen action to uphold them close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world."

Eleanor Roosevelt
Chairman of the United Nations
Human Rights Commission 1948

As a fellow Scientologist I am very proud of the work Anne has done for many years to forward human rights and religious freedom. There is a great deal more information on the human rights activities of Scientology churches at the Scientology Effective Solutions web site.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Great Reviews for Juliette Lewis

With reviews like "plays the part to perfection" Juliette Lewis makes her London stage debut in the Apollo Theatre production of Fool For Love opposite Kiwi Martin Henderson

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tom Cruise is proven right - by Psychiatrists

Last year on this very blog I told you what Tom Cruise had to say about psychiatry. At the time Tom got a lot of support for his views but some uninformed people (such as psychiatrists) didn't think he should exercise his right to freedom of speech if that right included attacking their main source of income: the drug companies and their destructive drugs. However a year later psychiatrists themselves quite openly admit that psychiatry has not tests for the diseases and syndromes and disorders they list in their precious Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Here is the video: Psychiatry, No Science and No Cures.

Monday, July 10, 2006

New Juliette and the Licks single

Juliette Lewis and her band Juliette and the Licks have a new single out: Got Love To Kill

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Scientologist Persia White

Persia White is one of the stars of the hit UPN series Girlfriends. vocalist of the band XEO3 and an activist for both the environment and animal rights. She is so dedicated to these causes that she received a 2005 Humanitarian Award from PETA for her animal rights work.

She has two websites, one promoting her artistic endeavors: Persia White - actress, activist, and vocalist for XEO3 Music and one for her environmental activity: Persia White - eARTh, Joining the Environment and Humanity Through Art.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Jive Aces

You may not of heard of these boys, they are from England and hang out in Europe a lot, the Jive Aces.

They have toured with the "What is Scientology" Exhibition and have also been throughout Europe as part of on an anti-drug campaign sponsored by the Church of Scientology International.

This is good old rock and roll, jitter bug style. The Jives are all Scientologists and they really swing!