Tuesday, August 31, 2004

My Friends at AOSH EU (AOSHEU)

I spent a summer in Denmark a few years ago at the AOSH EU (the Church of Scientology Advanced Organization and Saint Hill in Europe).

I began many close friendships that I still have today.

One thing that is very special about being a Scientologist is that no matter where you travel on Earth you find wonderful people at Scientology churches who welcome you, are delighted to meet you and help you.

I was never struck by this more than at AOSHEU. There were people from all over Europe. Many of them didn't speak English, and languages aren't my strong point, so it was comical sometimes trying to communicate with one another. But it is amazing how drawings and sign language and the intention to get across the gulf of different languages works.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Many of my friends are Scientology Volunteer Ministers, as I myself am.

I have always been very interested in helping my friends and family, but I wasn't always able to do so. In fact, before I took Scientology courses and learned the techniques covered in the Scientology Handbook, which form the basic skills of a Scientology Volunteer Minister my "help" was usually sympathy or compassion for someone who was suffering I really could do nothing about.

But it is so different now.

The other major component of the Scientology Volunteer Minister's program is disaster relief.

And yet another factor is that people of all faiths can learn these skills and be part of the group. For example, Scientologists have been training paramedics in the Johannesburg South Africe Policy Department on these skills to give them the tools they need to work one-on-one with their communities.

Another thing about this program is that youth are welcome to participate.

Here are a few Scientology kids who are active Scientology Volunteer Ministers