Friday, June 24, 2005

Tom Cruise Tells It Like It Is

In this interview on this morning's Today Show (The movie star discusses his new film, his new relationship and Scientology with the "Today" show's Matt Lauer), Tom starts off with talking about War of the Worlds but the discussion moves to a brief mention of Scientology and then Matt Lauer gets him onto the subject of Psychiatry (starts half-way down this page: Cruise on Psychiatry and continues on this page: Cruise on Psychiatry)

Tom brings up a couple of point that I wanted to highlight: "If you start talking about chemical imbalance, you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories." The "chemical imbalance theory is just that: A THEORY. There is no actual proof that an imbalance actually exists in any brain. Next: "Where's the blood test that says how much Ritalin you're supposed to get?" There are no actual physical tests that demonstrate a chemical imbalance and there are no tests to show how much of any psychiatric drug is needed to "balance" the imbalance. In other word the whole thing is a fraud.

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