Friday, June 10, 2005

Scientologist Billy Sheehan Releases his 2nd Solo CD

Billy Sheehan has won so many "Best Bass Player" Awards in his career that he's probably lost count - 5 times in Guitar Player Magazine, 14 consecutive years in Japan's Player Magazine and numerous others in Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy and the list goes on.

A Scientologist since 1971, in a recent interview in Celebrity Magazine, Billy attributed much of his success to his studies in Scientology. He said that directly after one particular Scientology service, "I had the biggest career success ever. The best success ever in my life ... I sat in the #1 chair on The Tonight Show, I had a #1 single, I had a platinum record and a #1 video."

Billy is a big supporter of the Church and was one of the celebrities who helped open the new Church of Scientology of Buffalo.

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