Monday, June 27, 2005

Scientology: The Press are Squawking about it, but what is it?

I've just read several articles from various sources about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Scientology. I have to say that the descriptions of Scientology are getting more accurate. Time was we'd get a couple of lines that either said nothing or said something entirely inaccurate. Now I've seen a whole range from wildly inaccurate to 90% correct. That's a big change and I think Tom Cruise is the guy to thank for it. Because I've not seen any 100% accurate descriptions yet, I'll give you my quick overview and then I'll provide you with some links to accurate data:

Scientology is a religion which has solutions to the problems of everyday life and methods you can use to improve your abilities and reach your full potential, which is much greater than you ever thought. It contains methods you can use to improve any condition in any part of your life. It is a religion because it addresses a person as a spiritual being. In Scientology you are a spiritual being, not a body or a brain. Because the words "spirit" and "soul" have so many possible meanings from thousands of years of history, we use a different term. We use the term "thetan" (from the Greek letter "theta"). You don't have a thetan you are one. It's like when you are driving your car, you don't have a driver, you are one. That's my inadequate, fast rundown of Scientology but as a last comment I will say that I have been able to use Scientology to make my life much, much better and much, much, much happier. That is what Scientology is all about - making life better and happier.

For a much more thorough description What is Scientology? is an extensive site that covers everything. If you really want all your questions answered this is the place to go.

Or for fast answers to specific questions try the Scientology FAQ.

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