Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Scientologist Geoffrey Lewis as dad of the "Fat Actress"

Actor Geoffrey Lewis has a resume that is so long it hardly fits onto the page at the Internet Movie Database: Geoffrey Lewis. He can be seen in the hit Showtime series "Fat Actress" playing Kirstie Alley's father but, as can be seen from the IMDB page, he is also in 5 movies so far in 2005 alone. I guess he must be as busy as his real daughter, Juliette, who I highlighted yesterday.

Funnily enough Geoffrey also has a sort of music career with the band Celestial Navigations. The band consists of Geoffrey and a couple of musicians. He tells stories with musical accompaniment, but that is like saying Mozart wrote music, it tells you nothing. When Geoffrey tells a story he creates the character and transports you into the story. You experience the emotions, the hopes, the laughs, everything! It has to be heard to be understood or better yet, seen live. Anyway, visit the Celestial Navigations web site and listen to a couple of sample tracks, if you got a soul, brother, you'll love 'em.

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