Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Official Response to the "Biography" of Tom Cruise

Golden Era Productions
The response by the Church of Scientology to the Andrew Morton Biography (aka "pack of lies) can be found on the Today Show website: Church of Scientology statement. Response to Andrew Morton's unauthorized Tom Cruise biography.

The statement is straight to the point, no punches are pulled.

Attached to the statement is a retraction by a British tabloid of some lies told to them by Andrew Morton that they printed.

As an example of the blatant lies told by Andrew Morton, here is a picture of the secret “desert liar” with “bunkers and war rooms”. Hmm, funny color for a desert, looks more like a green and pleasant spa to me. And the public golf course kinda spoils the "secret" bit.


Valerie said...

You know, the Golden Era Golf Course has been on Google Maps for quite sometime...

Grahame said...

Yup, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Windows Live Maps, ABC Nightline, the St. Petersburg Times, Los Angeles Times, etc., etc. Boy, it's just so darn secret.

Julia said...

I'm glad the Church is sticking it to this guy. What a creep!