Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Catherine Bell’s career just keeps growing and growing

After her huge success in the long-running series JAG followed by her superb performance in the sci-fi mini-series "The Triangle" it is not surprising that Catherine Bell's new TV series "Army Wives" has also proven to be a big success. The series is the highest rated show in Lifetime's 23 year history and one of the highest rated shows on cable. The second season is shooting now so you'll be able to see more of Catherine soon. Also her new TV movie "The Good Witch" premiers on January 19th on the Hallmark Channel, so don't miss it!

One last personal comment: For some strange reason most pictures of Catherine make her look, well, "wide". I don't know why this is because I've actually met her a couple of times and she has an incredible figure. I've rarely seen a photo of her that accurately showed how gorgeous she really is.

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