Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cruise Biography is an “Air Sandwich”

When you hear that a biographer didn't talk to the subject of his biography, didn't talk to any of the man's family, didn't talk to any of his business partners and didn't talk to any of his friends then you start to wonder what will end up in such a biography.

Well, that is exactly the case with the just released Tom Cruise biography as reviewed on CNN and reported by one of my fellow bloggers: "CNN Says Tom Cruise Bio is an "Air Sandwich".

The highlights of the CNN article state:

  • New biography "Tom Cruise" is "a 323-page air sandwich"
  • Book doesn't talk to anybody remotely close to Cruise
  • Biography insinuates many things, but reporting is an inch deep

Imagine, an entire inch!

So it's not surprising that the author had to do something to attract attention to his "air sandwich", such as making outrageous accusations about Tom Cruise, his wife, his daughter and his religion. When substance failed he turned to rumor, gossip and outright lies to create "controversy" and get attention for a book that looked like it would be heading for the "three for $2" bin very quickly.

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