Sunday, March 09, 2008

Jeff Conaway kicks his drug habit with Scientology

Jeff Conaway
Jeff Conaway (star of Taxi and Babylon 5) had a drug problem. But his friend John Travolta decided to reach out and help him.

Conaway describes what happened in an interview with Inside Edition: Jeff Conaway tells Inside Edition Scientology Helped Him Kick Drugs for Good.

In Scientology, helping a person get off drugs consists of:

- The Purification Rundown® Program
- TRs and Objectives
- Scientology® Drug Rundown

The ability gained from this is "Released from the harmful effects of drugs, medicine or alcohol." Something very worth achieving in our drug ridden society.


jere said...

He's not the only celebrity to be helped by Scientology's drug rehabilitation programs. Kirstie Alley said that it saved her life twice. The first time when she was addicted to cocaine, and the second when she was a successful TV star working on Cheers. Part of her increasing success involved buying a new house every couple of years. These would have to be "tented" before they could be occupied--meaning they were sprayed with Malathion. Kirstie kept getting sicker and sicker, and while filming Cheers she would often have to lay down between takes. Finally a doctor spotted it as poisoning. She re-did the Purification rundown and the problem went completely away.

Stan Dubin said...

Yes, there are many success stories in the celebrity world of Scientology helping to salvage a person with a drug problem. And in the "regular" world, there are probably hundreds of thousands, maybe millions by now, of success stories of people getting rid of the harmful effects of drugs of all kinds by doing the Purification Program. My wife, my daughter and I are three of them!

In one of my blog posts, I give some additional info on this powerful subject. (click on the Category "Drug Rehabilitation" on the right column)