Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Julliette Lewis Taking her Licks and Giving them Out

I love Julliette. She is a natural born killer.

Watching her take BBC's John Sweeney apart was one of the highlights of the whole escapade, for me.

She's doing great with her band, The Licks, and here's an article
on how she's doing.

Juliette Lewis does just fine as a leading lady, thank you very much. ('Natural Born Killers,' anyone?) But the actress-turned-flamboyant punk frontwoman isn't too shabby when it comes to supporting roles, with which Lewis says she and her band the Licks are more than battle-tested.

"We've been together four years and we've played some of the toughest opener slots," Lewis tells Spinner. "We've opened for Turbonegro. One of the ways to earn your stripes is to open for that band 'cause their audience is very territorial. They're very much like a 'We'll beat you up after school' kind of audience -- which I love. Those shows were really exciting and we won that crowd over.">>

Wishing her the best of luck!

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