Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Short Chat with Kelly Preston

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kelly Preston on the day the bill she has been helping through the Florida Legislature was passed (Great News For Parents and Children In Florida.

There are some women who are beautiful only on the outside and some who are beautiful on both the outside and inside, Kelly Preston is definitely one of the latter. I saw her coming into the restaurant where I had just had lunch and I just had to tell her "Well done!" When some perfect stranger, right out-of-the blue, advances upon and starts talking to a major movie star, the stranger shouldn't be surprised if the star is less than enthusiastic, but in this case I was surprised at how enthusiastic she was. She gave me a beaming smile and we chatted about the whole process of getting the bill passed. She was very complementary of all the people involved, especially Representative Gus Barreiro of Miami Beach who sponsored the bill. She also mentioned the support from Sean Hannity who featured her on both his TV and radio shows.

As I left the restaurant with a big smile on my face, my friend summed it up with "She's a doll!"

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