Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Scientologist Kelly Preston Standing up For Parents

For some years now parents have been forced to put their kids onto dangerous mind-altering drugs if teachers, psychologists or psychiatrists decide the child has a "disease" such as "ADHD". There is no way to test for these so-called diseases, it's like telling someone they have AIDS without doing any kind of test to see if the disease is actually present. But the threat has been that you can't have your child in school and you could get in trouble for child abuse for not drugging your child as instructed.

Any parent who does even a small amount of research will quickly find that the side-effects of these psychotropic drugs range from minor stomach problems to suicide and death. So the situation has been you give your kid these drugs that could kill him or her or else!

Now thanks to the efforts of many good people, including Scientologist Kelly Preston parents in Florida have the chance to "just say no" to drugging their kids. This article doesn't give all the details, but the bill has passed successfully through the legislature: Kirstie Alley & Kelly Preston Talk Drugs and Kids

As you can see from the article Kirstie Alley was also involved. I've highlighted Kelly's contribution because after she went on national television to talk about he bill the Florida Legislature was inundated with calls from concerned parents. Well done Kelly!

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