Saturday, March 14, 2009

"World's Greatest Bass Player" Billy Sheehan to Tour Japan With His Band Mr. Big!

Scientologist Billy Sheehan is getting ready for a summer 09 reunion tour of Japan with his supergroup Mr. Big. Billy Sheehan is often regarded as "The world's greatest bass player". Let me tell you, I've seen him perform several times, and he shreds! He takes bass playing to a level never before dreamed of! I'm talking jaw dropping, over the top, virtuosity!

His band Mr. Big enjoyed huge success in the 90's, especially in Japan, where they sold millions of albums and would sell out huge arenas for several nights in a row! This will be their first tour of Japan with all the original member in 13 years. There is talk of a U.S. tour after that.

All of the other members of Mr. Big are incredible musicians in their own right. Their biggest hit in the U.S. was the ballad "To Be With You".

When I first saw Billy Sheehan he was the bass player for David Lee Roth, right after Dave left Van Halen. There was a lot of talk about Steve Vai, Dave's guitarist, his "new Eddie Van Halen". Well, Steve Vai was very good, but everyone was saying "Who the heck is that bass player, he's incredible!"

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Grahame said...

I guess you couldn't have heard much of Steve Vai because the guy is an amazing guitarist. Billy often tours with him as his bassist. The two of them together are amazing.

Peace said...

I know Steve is incredible, but back then I was looking for the speed and flash of Eddie VH, and Steve's style was just different and not quite as flashy to me. So it was a little bit of a let down. Billy Sheehan on the other hand was almost all flash and speed, so all the Eddie fans loved him! These days I appreciate Steve Vai's playing more.