Saturday, November 22, 2008

Movie and TV Roles Keep Coming For Actress Anoush NeVart!

Multi-talented actress Anoush NeVart has just booked and shot the new John Welles TV pilot with the working title of "LAPD". Her role as the Armenian mother, "Agata", was the perfect character for Anoush to play; she lived in Yerevan, Armenia for 5 years. She says that she really got to know the people, the customs, the traditions, dialect, trials and tribulations of this amazing culture into which she was born. The pilot should be airing in January of 2009!

Anoush has a series of other projects in the works. She will be seen in the Comcast National commercials that start airing in November 2008, as well as a remake of the feature film "FAME", with a release date in 2009/2010. Her first foreign film, "The Quest", directed by the amazing Max Bartoli, will be shot in Rome in 2009!

Anoush has spent most of her life as a musician and began acting 4 years ago. Since then, she has booked roles on such TV shows as The Unit, ER, NipTuck, The War at Home, Judging Amy, and General Hospital, as well as a notable role in the feature film "Must Love Dogs" as Mrs. Parseghian. She originated the role of "Azniv" in the 2006 World Premiere of "Little Armenia" at the Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles resulting in rave reviews for Anoush in the LA Times and Backstage West.

Now, saying Anoush is multi-talented is practically an understatement! She's an actress, professional pianist and accompanist, recording artist, vocal coach, song coach, backup singer, composer, and was even nominated for Grammy award!! Not to mention, she also speaks French, Greek, Italian, and Russian!

Anoush says her life has changed dramatically as a result of becoming a Scientologist. "I have greater certainty in who I am, the decisions I'm making, the rightness of my decisions, with greater love and compassion for my fellow travellers (ARC), much more effective communication skills, and a sense of confidence that is worth all the tea in China!" Anoush also says that it wasn't so long ago that her life felt like a constant struggle. Emotional ups and downs were the norm, and that nagging sense of "something's missing" permeated her daily life. She says it's only been a year, really, that all of this has changed, thanks to L. Ron Hubbard's technology (Scientology), and most importantly, the APPLICATION of LRH tech. "Knowledge is fairly useless if I don't apply it", she said in a recent interview. "It's like having a bank account with money in it but you don't know the account number so you have no access to the riches in the account."

Click the below link to see a recent interview with Anoush in the Armenian Reporter (page C8)

Check out these websites to see some of Anoush's work, including comedy and drama reels, photos, and more:

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard


L.P. Jones said...

Thank you for sharing your successes with us Anoush. I wish you continued joy in pursuit of your dreams!


Kirk Rogers said...

That is a wonderful write up on you. Continue your wonderful journey and in my book you are already a big success!!!

Ben said...

What a beautiful article and a great success story. Thanks for sharing.

Anoush said...

Thank you so much, Lois and Kirk, for your really theta comments! I'm so happy to hear from you and hope you'll keep me posted on your wins as well!

Much love,