Sunday, September 07, 2008

Malibu Catches The Scientology Wave With New Church!

Hey there Dudes & Dudettes!

If you live in, or are visiting the Malibu area you are now lucky in more ways than one! The new Church Of Scientology Mission of Malibu, in beautiful and glamorous Malibu California has recently opened it's doors to service you!

As you probably know, Malibu is known for it's rich and famous celebrities, beautiful beaches, bikini babes, incredible homes, surfer dudes, and even paparazzi (and sometimes the surfer dudes and paparazzi not getting along so well as you may have heard. I recommend they all go to the new Malibu Mission and do The Success Through Communication Course. It would really help them all!).

Anyway, Malibu is certainly one of my favorite places on Earth. We go there as often as possible to just hit the beach, or go to a nice restaurant or whatever. And now we have another reason!

Less than an hour from the Hollywood area, the Malibu Mission is located right in the heart of downtown Malibu at 22467 Pacific Coast Highway (aka "the PCH"). They couldn't have chosen a more visible location.

Mission Holder Terri Novitsky says the Malibu Mission is a "Premiere Mission". As you can see from the pictures it's very nice inside.

The Mission offers the public Life Improvement Courses to help improve things like relationships, communication skills, getting along with others, personal values and integrity, work, money, and more. They also offer personal counselling (also called auditing) up to the state called Clear. Which is really awesome!

The Mission is totally set up to deliver the very popular Scientology purification program called the Purification Rundown. They have a beautiful sauna and exercise equipment for that purpose.

The Church Of Scientology Mission of Malibu offers several free introductory services for the public such as free personality and IQ testing, seminars, films, and tours. They've been having many curious visitors from all around the world stop by to see what it's all about.

When you are in the Malibu area you should definitely stop by and check it out.

If you have any questions about their hours of operation or when the next seminar is, or anything else, go ahead and give them a call at 310-317-1980. Or you can email the Mission at: .

If you've ever wondered what actually goes on inside a Church of Scientology then you've got to check out this video!: Inside a Church Of Scientology

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice photos. What an impressive looking place. I'd love to come by and check it out, even just to see what it looks like. Do they have a website?

Peace said...

They don't have a website yet, but they will. They are pretty new, they will be having a grand opening soon. You can call or email them to find out when it is, or get more info about anything.


Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful! I can't wait to visit!