Saturday, August 02, 2008

Struck, The Film: lastest achievements

Struck, The Film team, just had some awesome achievements:

I just got an update mail from them:

  • Struck won Best Comedy Short at Breckenridge Festival of Film in Colorado in June and just won Best Short at the Long Island Film Festival. It now has a total of 5 wins and has been selected to a total of 26 film festivals.

  • From the 15 festivals Struck has screened at so far the team has been contacted by some 10 other festivals inviting them to participate.  They are continuing to travel to as many of the festivals as we can, meeting and networking with other filmmakers and industry professionals.

  • In August, Struck is screening at LA Shorts Fest, Palm Springs International, and California Next Gen (Sacramento). As well, it will be screened on opening night at the Rhode Island International Film Festival which is usually the best screening time.  

  • Three of those festivals, LA Shorts, Rhode Island and Palm Springs, are Academy Qualifying, meaning if Struck wins at those festivals it is taken under consideration for an Oscar nomination! 

  • The feature length script for Struck has been completed and is in its final wrap-up stages to create a final draft. Yippee!

I had the incredible luck of catching this film during the ten days it was available at YouTube to be seen and voted complete, during Cannes Short Films Festival in late May this year.  I saw it over twenty times!  It only lasts nine minutes but they are the best crafted nine minutes I've seen in many many many years.  
The highly emotional performances (Bodhi Elfman's was by far my favorite), the aesthetics that the film's young director Taron Lexton keeps pampering us with, the magical script...  all these elements combined make a true jewel, a recipe for success, a piece of unbelievable quality of communication....  
In case you missed it, you can still see a trailer (yes, even a nine minutes short film has its own trailer) at Struck's website.  There you can also get more information (as the all-star cast of the film) and updates.

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