Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My first post here: who the hell am I

Hi everyone! I am Milla. I am a 20-year Scientologist and among a lot of other stuff, I’m a blogger. My main blog is called Clear Santo Domingo! and I’m very proud to say it’s the oldest and the biggest Scientology blog in Spanish, my very romantic –I’m sure you’ll agree– mother tongue.

I’ve been very honored by Grahame's invitation to contribute on this wonderful blog, about such a key activity as the arts are. I suspect Grahame did that because I was overwhelming him with my high-frequency emails with news about Tom Cruise for him to post here, but I am not quite sure why yet.

I like to consider myself a professional fan of Tom Cruise, a professional fan of David Pomeranz and –above all– a professional fan of Grahame, my all-time favorite Scientologist blogger.

I will not be posting about Grahame here, though... not yet at least. I think some time will go by before bloggers are considered “real” Celebrities... However, be prepared for a huge bias on my posts in favor of those other two great artists I mentioned above and also be ready to meet some “exotic” celebs of other languages and professions.

See you again soon!

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

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