Saturday, June 02, 2007

Suri Cruise Sends a Thank-You Note

Good manners is becoming something of a rarity in our modern society. When I open the door to let a woman go first I usually get reactions ranging from surprise to amazement. Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I think good manners is an important lubricant for the smooth running of the machinery of human relations.

In his article "Manners," L. Ron Hubbard says: "Good manners sum up to a) granting importance to the other person and b) using the two-way communication cycle"

"A person's importance is made evident to him by showing him respect, or just by assuring him he is visible and acceptable. To see and acknowledge the existence of someone is a granting of their importance. ... People have value and are important. Big or small they are important."

Good Manners seems to be a part of Scientology that Suri Cruise is learning very young (with a just little help from her mother): Suri Cruise Sends a Thank-You Note

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