Sunday, July 03, 2005

American Psychiatric Association Admits Tom Cruise Was Right

I saw the "Today Show" piece where two psychiatrists were asked about Tom Cruise's comments that there was no test for the chemical imbalance theory which justifies the prescribing of drugs for mental disorders such as anxiety disorder, depression, ADD and ADHD. You know, antidepressants such as Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, etc. and stimulants such as Ritalin. The first psychiatrist (a Harvard psychiatry professor) said there was no evidence at all to show that any such chemical imbalance existed. The other psychiatrist was the president of the American Psychiatric Association and he agreed. The amazing thing was that the prez of the APA, Steven Sharfstein, first of all came out swinging, calling Tom Cruise all sorts of nasty things like "irresponsible" and that the things he was saying were "dangerous". Then one point at a time, Sharfstein admitted that Tom Cruise was right on every point he made. Sharfstein even admitted to People Magazine that, "We do not have a clean-cut lab test." That's a good one. In other words: there is no test and there is no chemical imbalance, but we have to keep prescribing these drugs for these mental disorders because the insurance companies will pay us for it." (That's another thing that the two psychiatrists admitted on the "Today Show".)

Anyway here is an article on this topic and at the bottom of the page a whole list of further reading: American Psychiatric Association Admits There Is No Test For "Chemical Imbalance"

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